​About Us

19 N. Douglas St.                                       Omak, WA. 98841                                                                    509-733-0267
We are an Independent Baptist Church -
​a local assembly of saved, baptized believers that 
are ​commanded to carry out the Great Commission. ​
​We believe the King James Version of the Bible is
​God's preserved Word for English speaking people.

In 2003 Faithful Baptist Church was started by Pastor David Warner with the authority of Fellowship Baptist Church in Arlington, WA.  He was here 11 years after which, on August 31, 2014, the church called Evangelist Bob Long from Queretaro, Mexico.  
                                             Our Pastor
                                                           Our Ministry actually started when we made sure of                                                              our salvation because we were both saved as                                                                        children years earlier. I remember our first work was                                                              preaching in a nursing home each week and later                                                                  we became summer youth leaders in a church. It                                                                  wasn’t much later that we went to college and in                                                                    1972 I took my first pastorate. My last church in the                                                                   states was in Dublin, Ga. where I was soon called to                                                                be an evangelist to Mexico. In between those times                                                I started several churches and had much experience                                                              to lean on in this new calling. The deputation trail called and we went to Mexico after gaining our support to live there. We spent 12 1/2 years there before we were forced to come home due to my wife’s health. We returned again to Mexico in 2005 and were privileged to start three more churches there and stayed another nine years. In the time between our life in Mexico we started and English and Spanish work in Washington State. In 2014 Faithful Baptist Church in Omak, Washington called us and we have enjoyed knowing we are in the center of God’s will as we serve the Lord each day.​
Pastor Bob Long and
​his wife, Linda